Anthony Jackson basslines

This afternoon I recorded playalongs to a couple of Anthony Jackson basslines I’ve been working on recently, from his playing with the Michel Camilo Big Band. I’m thinking of doing a few more of these things with better recording to stitch into some kind of showreel, but for now here’s the method:

  • Play the original loudly in the background, but through laptop speakers so that no bass comes through.
  • Play bass along to it, and record it on my phone.
  • Compress the heck out of it in one’s favourite audio editor.

The lines I’ve chosen here are incredibly musical and clever but also super fast, and are really good examples of how Anthony’s playing can be muscular/pounding then extremely dextrous and nimble in the same phrase — it’s almost like he’s playing two instruments. Some of the arpeggios and runs are a bit tricky on a 4-string, and I’m sure if I had a 6-string like Anthony does I’d probably play them better than him. Erm. Enjoy!

And here is the master himself:


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