Vangelis ‘Memories of green’ small band arrangement

I recently re-watched the excellent Blade Runner, starring Indiana Jones (Han Solo, actually). It’s pretty brilliant and has an amazing soundtrack by Vangelis. My favourite tune in the soundtrack is Memories of green, which occurs in a scene where Rachael is realising she’s a replicant, not a human, and that all her childhood memories are just implanted.

It’s a very ambient and poignant piano piece in its original form, but when the main tune comes in at 1:10, there’s a brilliant B minor to D7 motif, and then a really nice tritone substitution a bit afterwards. Very jazz, so I decided to arrange it for small band.

I’ve put together a chart in Sibelius and stuck in some basic piano voicings, bass and cymbals. It’s about 4 minutes long, and only gets back to D major right at the end (having started in B minor and then spent a long time in D minor/F major), so I put an extra F#7 at the end to allow going back to letter A. Here’s an export of it:



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