Audio & Video

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  • Head to the Facebook page of Manchester jazz institution NQ Jazz and look for a video set from me, Alex Hitchcock and Will Arnold-Forster. The full set is available on their Patreon page.


  • A Western Circular — Wilma Archer (Domino/Weird World) 0018450399_100
  • From an ad hoc standards session (Uni. of Surrey sound recording course) with Alam Nathoo, Rob Brockway, Phil Hardisty — see YouTube for more
  • Celeste’s Ugly Thoughts, with Wilma Archer
  • Trailer for Smells Like Team Spirit (Team Players) (buy it
  • Selection from All-American (Team Players) (buy it
  • Selection from Now & Again (AJ Brown)


  • Live EP of Anderson/Longhawn/Williamson/Hanley recorded at Inkwell, Leeds (download)
  • Trevor Mires/Nathaniel Cross project with Sam Leak, Tom Hancock, Hugh Wilkinson, Pat Levett
  • With Nat Steele and Alex Boulton
  • With Matt Anderson, Martin Longhawn, Steve Hanley
  • With Morgan Brothers Big Band
  • Leeds University Big Band at North Sea Jazz Festival 

Function/party bands

  • Crowd-shot clips from a recent “90s-nostalgia” themed function/party set. Get in touch to book a function or party band in London or further afield, from a jazz duo to a full soul/funk/Motown group or even a big band.

Arrangements and transcriptions

  • Under the sea: from The Little Mermaid.
  • Baby on Board: from the episode of The Simpsons where Homer was in a barbershop quartet.