I’m a scientist and musician from Saltburn-by the-sea, UK, now based in London. Before that I was in Leeds for my PhD, then in Washington, DC for a postdoc.


I’m currently on a postdoctoral fellowship at The Francis Crick Institute, London. Before that, I was a postdoc with Peter Olmsted at Georgetown University, affiliated with the CAPITALS programme grant. Before that I did a PhD at Leeds with Mike Evans — his website is here. My work is focused on how physics concepts like phase transitions, kinetics, and heterogeneity apply to soft and biological matter. So far, this has involved polydispersity in colloids, phase separation and asymmetry in lipid membranes, and, presently, mechanical feedback in tissue development. More detail is here.

I have taught physics undergraduates about computer programming, practical labs etc. I also get to do quite a lot of outreach, especially coming to the Crick Institute.


Whilst at Georgetown, I was heavily involved in the DC jazz scene, in large part thanks to cool school/avant-garde auteur Brad Linde. I played with the famous Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra, run by Brad and the trumpeter Joe Herrera, and I recorded with Team Players. We recorded another album last time I visited, which is on the way.

At Leeds I played bass for LUU Big Band, an award-winning 21-piece band and one of the top big bands in the North of England. I MD’d in 2010-11. We recorded music and video for an ITV drama, played a concert with Liane Carroll, and were invited to the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam.

I’ve appeared on Channel 4, the cover of ArtRocker and won the Jack Daniels UK-wide unsigned band competition with the now-defunct Neon Kickswith whom I played synth and guitar.


I like table tennis, normal tennis, football and cooking.


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Soft matter, biophysics, colloids, membranes and music

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