Here are a few examples of science communication I’ve been involved in:

  • In a few weeks (at the time of writing) I will be kicking off the DARGANFOD//DISCOVER science festival in Wrexham. I’ll be discussing the application of physics in biology, and making comparisons between working in science and music. It’s organised by Mike Corcoran so you know it’s good.
  • As part of the Creative Futures event in Wrexham, I was interviewed in front of a large audience by the excellent Mike Corcoran. We spoke about links between arts and science, and the shared joys and shared troubles of each creative process. There is a nice video of the interview here.
  • I prepared and delivered a public lecture on physics and biology for the Institute of Physics summer lecture of 2017.
  • I had an image from my research shown in the Crick Institute’s inaugural public exhibition, How do we look? I wrote an accessible explanation and recorded and audio interview for the installation. More recently I recorded an interview for a video promoting the current exhibition, Deconstructing Patterns.
  • Particularly at Georgetown and Leeds, I took part in a lot public engagement activity, teaching members of the public and schoolchildren about soft matter physics.
  • I have written technical support documents during a stint working on Avid’s Sibelius notation software.
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