• AJ Brown — charity Christmas single: Wrapped Up.
  • AJ Brown — “Now & Again” album, also featuring Dan Owen on some electric bass tracks: Now & Again.
  • LUU Big Band’s recent studio album, on which I played bass, is available to buy — below I’ve stitched together a few nice bassy bits: 
  • Demos recorded with George Shilling by the now-defunct Neon Kicks, with me playing synth and guitar: StarletRewind.
  • Demo recordings from Soundworks studio with Blues Armada :


  • Selections from my small-group gig at HEART jazz in Leeds: 
  • Leeds University Big Band at North Sea 2012 
  • Recordings from George Millard‘s recital, featuring Steve Hanley, Aron Kyne, me, Matt Yardley, Ben Lowman, Jim Corry:
  • A couple of Anthony Jackson’s basslines from the Michel Camilo big band, recorded on my phone in the kitchen:
  • A live instrumental chart from a joint gig with Liane Carroll:
  • On tour in France with LUU Big Band:
  • Practice video of the introduction to Laurence Cottle/Nigel Hitchcock’s introduction to Cherokee:

Arrangements and transcriptions

Charts from my last small band gig in Leeds available as a big zip file.

Vangelis ‘Memories of green’ small band arrangement: Memories of green – Score and parts.

Example big band score extract: Bouncin’ with Bud example.

  • Under the sea – orchestration for big band, original from The Little Mermaid. “Ariel, listen to me…”
  • Old Soldiers – an arrangement for brass band of guitarist Chris Flegg’s composition. Chris commissioned this as a promotional piece for his music, and is distributing the score for free. Let him know if you’d like a copy.
  • Bouncin’ with Bud (live) – LUUDB playing my arrangement of Bud Powell’s tune.
  • Caravan – a big band arrangement of the standard, based on a 9/4 riff my friend Tom Varrall came up with.
  • Baby on Board (live) – from that episode of The Simpsons where Homer was in a barbershop quartet. Arranged for big band and 4-part barbershop, performed by LUUDB and featuring the saxophone section on backing vocals.
  • Fair Weather – Arrangement for big band of the Benny Golson tune, as played on Chet Baker’s ‘In New York’ album. The original is at and features a great tenor solo from Johnny Griffin.
  • Jerusalem – Arrangement for big band of Elgar/Parry’s socialist hymn. Constructed at very short notice for LUU Dance Band’s tour of France in 2011, where one of the gigs fell on St George’s Day and this tune — and Land of Hope and Glory — were requested and forgotten about until a week before the tour. Re-exported to try out Sibelius 7 Sounds.
  • Grandstand theme – transcription/arrangement for big band of the truly awesome theme tune from BBC’s Grandstand. Now sadly discontinued I believe. This was exported from Sibelius 7 using the new Sibelius 7 Sounds library.
  • Wimbledon theme – transcription/arrangement for big band of the theme music from the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon. This was exported from Sibelius 7 using the new Sibelius 7 Sounds library.


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