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I learned classical piano and violin as a kid then picked up the electric bass and got into jazz at university, and never looked back. I’ve since performed and recorded extensively in jazz, pop, pit orchestras, etc.

I played regularly with DC’s famous Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra, run by Brad Linde and Joe Herrera, including rep concerts under Miho Hazama and Nathan Parker Smith. I have recorded two albums with Brad’s avant-garde/Americana project Team Players along with Billy Wolfe, Aaron Quinn and Deric Dickens, and have the distinction of being the ‘best electric bassist’ Brad has played with (he hasn’t played with many, being determinedly upright-only until I melted his heart). I gigged in DC with such luminaries as David McDonald (Airmen of Note), Kevin McDonald (US Navy Commodores), Marty Nau, Anthony Pirog, Abinnet Berhanu…

I played bass, MD’d and arranged for Leeds University Union Big Band, including performances at North Sea Jazz Festival, with Liane Carroll, and on ITV. I played and recorded for AJ Brown, and did a bunch of weddings and stuff. I worked as a copyist for the UK tour of 9 to 5. I played bass and accordion in pit orchestras around Yorkshire.

I won band-battles, went on Channel 4, was on the cover of Art Rocker, and recorded with Neon Kicks playing synth and guitar. I used loads of guitar effects boxes on an old Casio which made it sound cool.


  • Selection from All-American (Team Players) (buy it
  • Wrapped Up (AJ Brown) (buy it)
  • Selection from Now & Again (AJ Brown)
  • Swinging from the Treehouse (LUU Big Band) (buy it
  • Studio demos recorded with George Shilling by the now-defunct Neon Kicks, with me playing synth and guitar: StarletRewind (myspace relics!).


  • Small group gig before I left Leeds, full of contrafacts and wonderful players: 
  • Leeds University Big Band at North Sea Jazz Festival 2012 
  • Recordings from George Millard’s recital, featuring Steve Hanley, Aron Kyne, me, Matt Yardley, Ben Lowman, Jim Corry
  • A live instrumental from a gig with Liane Carroll
  • IN THE SHED?!?!

Arrangements and transcriptions

  • A few of my arrangements
  • Charts from my last small band gig in Leeds as a big zip file
  • PDF for Vangelis ‘Memories of green’ small band arrangement: Memories of green
  • Example big band score extract: Bouncin’ with Bud example
  • Under the sea: orchestration for big band, from The Little Mermaid. “Ariel, listen to me…”
  • Old Soldiers: an arrangement for brass band of guitarist Chris Flegg’s composition. Chris commissioned this as a promotional piece for his music, and is distributing the score for free. Let him know if you’d like a copy
  • Baby on Board (live): from that episode of The Simpsons where Homer was in a barbershop quartet. Arranged for big band and 4-part barbershop, performed by LUUDB and featuring the saxophone section on backing vocals. Here’s an extract of London’s Morgan Brothers Big Band playing it:
  • Grandstand theme: transcription/arrangement for big band of the truly awesome theme tune from BBC’s Grandstand. It’s now sadly discontinued, I believe. This was exported from Sibelius 7 using the new Sibelius 7 Sounds library
  • Wimbledon theme: transcription/arrangement for big band of the theme music from the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon


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