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Transcription: It’s You (Lee Konitz) from Three Guys

Here’s a rough transcription of Steve Swallow, one my favourite bassists, playing on the album Three Guys with Lee Konitz and Paul Motian. (Dreamy band or what?). It’s a Konitz composition over It’s You Or No One. So far, I can’t find it online (tiny sample in this article) but I’m reliably informed it exists on youtube.

Anyway, here is the unison line that ends the tune:

It’s You unison line transcription

It’s You unison line (Eb)

And here it is played in somewhat Swallow-y style — very light roundwounds with a pick and loads of tone rolled off:

Connoisseurs will know that the pick should really be copper, and the bass a semi-acoustic with a piezo somewhere, strung E-C, etc.


Demo recordings, Blues Armada, Thomastik

Blues Armada is a function/jazz/blues band I play for, fronted by Luke Cannon, which recently recorded some demos at Soundworks in Leeds with our friend Ollie Norman. They’re being mixed and stuff at the moment, but here’s a preview of a couple of small band tunes. I used my Nordy VJ-4 strung with Thomastik-Infeld Jazz flatwounds — wonderful strings to play, not quite as hollow in the midrange as some flats, and I think they record very nicely. Loads of the fundamental, not many overtones and no string noise, so very good for supporting a band. Have a listen!

Joe Cox drums, Martin Longhawn pianos and organs, George Miller guitars.